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Rules of an examination


If you submit a material for an examination, this means that you agree with the present Rules of an examination. Only the stamps and the post correspondence of period since 1918 to present time are accepted for an examination. After the examination and authentication of the present material, we grant you a "Certificate of expertise." The certificate has a serial number and a date of issue.

In the text of Certificate there are:

  • Number under the catalogue (for marks),
  • Authenticity of a submitted material,
  • The description of quality,
  • Features (rarity).

You’ll get a photo of a material with the Certificate also. In some cases (if necessary) photos of the fragments (details) of material are applied in addition. Copies of certificates are stored. The material, which was send by mail for an examination, wouldn’t be accepted without prior agreement. The cost of shipping of the material is carried out due to the Customer. The examination is produced by the original material only, and not by the images.

Reception of a material for examination, payment, return of a material:

You should transferre a material to examination with a printed image (scan, copy, a photo) on the back of which You write a surname, a name, a patronymic, contact (e-mail address), phone, date.

If the material was returned without a Certificate, the money paid earlier doesn’t send back. In some cases, the return of the material may be accompanied with the list of reasons because of which the grant of a Certificate has not been issued.

The cost of an examination with a delivery the Certificate - 650 grivnas (25 $ USA, at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine at the date of payment). In some cases the cost of examination is stipulated. The waiver of an examination is possible. Terms of the examination: 7 working days. The customer is notified about the ending of an examination. All disputes arising through the certificate of an examination, governed by the laws of Ukraine.